The Best Hostings – Web Hosting Companies Ranking

The Best Hostings – Web Hosting Companies Ranking

the best hostingsDo you want to know which is the best hosting to host your web page? You have arrived at the place indicated. In The Best Hostings we have reviewed for you the main web hosting companies (both the best hostings in Spain and American companies) and we present our valuations in a simple way so that you can choose the hosting service best suited to your needs.
In addition to the quick comparison between the main hosting portals, we also offer a more extensive review of each of them, so you can finish deciding.
In the best Hostings you can also provide your comments, so if you have tried any of the web hosting companies, please leave your comment so that other people can benefit from your experience.
We hope that our ranking helps you to choose the best hosting for your website!

Disclosure: Some of the hosting companies that we review offer us financial compensation for the customers we send them. However, our reviews are based solely and exclusively on our personal opinion and only the best companies enter our list.

Who is the target of the Best Hostings website?

Our reviews can be useful to anyone who wants to have their own website on the Internet. However, we have created the page thinking fundamentally about entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who want to start a professional project on the Internet, or who already have it and are not happy with their current hosting company.
What are you going to find on this page?

In The Best Hostings you will find two types of information:

1.- Information from scratch on everything that is needed to host a professional web page with guarantees of success. We have a section of technical vocabulary basic to be able to understand all the concepts, entries that explain in a very simple way what are the hostings, domain names, etc .; More advanced entries to learn the keys to choose a hosting that offers us all the guarantees … in short, a complete guide to be able to choose the hosting service that best suits your needs.
2.- Our exhaustive reviews of the best web hosting companies and the ranking of the best.
With all this you can make a decision to hire the hosting for your web page.
Where do I begin?

If you do not know anything about the subject we recommend you start with the vocabulary section to understand and familiarize yourself with all the concepts, and 3 posts that explain everything you need to get started: What is a domain and what is a hosting? What do I need to have a website? And shared or dedicated hosting.
From there, or if you already know enough about the subject and want to get directly into the subject, you can read our most advanced posts (start with this one and look for others in the sidebar) or look at our rankings table Same page) and individual revisions of each portal (pressing the Opinion buttons in the same table).
Another interesting section is the one we have just created: The best hosting in Spain in 2016. In this section we have created a kind of competition between 3 Spanish hosting companies so that users can give your opinion of which is the best hosting company.
What exactly is your ranking of hosting companies?

We have reviewed the ones that for us are the best options nowadays for hosting web pages. We have created a ranking and we do not recommend just one of them, because there is no “one” best hosting company. It always depends on the economic needs and possibilities of each person and project.
Our ranking is based on what most people need to host a project on the Internet, but depending on your particular needs, you may want to hire the hosting in one of the companies below. Therefore we recommend reading all reviews.
How do we compile the host list?

From each one we value the benefits they offer, the price at which they offer them, the opinions we receive from users and above all our opinion based on personal experience. We have tested all the servers we reviewed at some point in our careers, so we can speak from experience. Of course, we have only listed the best web hosting companies. We have not listed any whose quality is not enough.

What specific parameters do you value in hosting companies?

In the individual reviews of each portal we explain the pros and cons that we believe has. At the end of each one we summarize in a table the benefits offered by different hosting plans. The best thing you can do to understand how we write our reviews is to read a concrete one. For example, the opinion of

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